In less than 21 years of activity, PRESSERV has carried out  more than one hundred jobs and has paved more than 1 million square meters of asphalt.  As the jobs progress out there, PRESSERV  maintains a rigorous quality control, relying on the support of its own plant and laboratory.

The company owns a  1991 Hyper "Drum Mixer" model Plant with capacity for up to 90 Ton/hour for the supply of  asphaltic concrete, at Rua Vicente Palombo, 385, Jardim Campineiro - Campinas, SP, Brazil.

With independent and open-minded managements and a common philosophy plus the constant updating of technological and human capacity, PRESSERV stays ahead of its time and delivers to the market effective and qualified assistance and service backed by a strict commitment to punctuality.

At present carrying out a number of jobs of, namely:  earth moving, storm water galleries, water distribution system, curbstone and gutter, power supply system, road signaling system, sewer system, artworks,  drainage, sanitation, asphaltic paving and services to civil construction, especially concreting services and rental of  machines and equipment.

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Rua Dona Presciliana Soares, 92 - Cambuí
CEP 13025-080 - Campinas - S.P.
Fone +55 19 3294.9400
Fax +55 19 3255.1121

Asphalt Plant

Rua Vicente Palombo, 385 - Jardim Campineiro
CEP 13082-370 - Campinas - S.P.
Fone +55 19 3246.1763